FRI -Day 4) Jubilant Feet

"How can they call upon One in whom they have not heard, and how shall they hear unless someone goes" Romans 10:15

After six hours traveling on a dark road, even without the comforts of home it is easy to fall asleep. It takes some time to get our Coleman air mattresses inflated, our pillows from home out of their vacuumed sucked and sealed bags, change into sleepwear and say goodnight and "Thank God."

We were up with the chickens, the roosters, two hogs, new puppies and all the nationals that were preparing our breakfast and getting the supplies ready for our day of ministry. Each day we have asked with comic frustration "how long" is it going to take for us to arrive at our destination. Each day no matter what the answer the time is typically twice as long, three times as bumpy
and more than ten times the fun!

Our first stop was a school with over 150 students and village children gathered on the lawn waiting for our arrival. The second place of ministry was even farther and even MORE children and adults (250). We introduce ourselves, tell stories, make bracelets, share the Gospel and then -
we dance.

I never cease to be amazed at the joy shared by children (and adults)across the world when it comes to making like a "chicken." Their hands motion like beaks, they flap their arms like chickens and they swing their partners "round and round" grinning from ear to ear.

Even the older folks and very serious teenage boys sitting on the sidelines eventually have to crater and crack a smile.

When we ask Lipok how much time to take for the program, what to include (as far as tricks, stories, games, etc...) he always says, "But don't forget the Chicken.

The Word teaches the feet of those who bring the Good News are beautiful. I would hasten to add so are the ones that make like "chickens," for the King of all nations.
"Oh be swift my soul to answer Him, be jubilant my feet! His truth goes marching on."*

Serving, praising and dancing
And of course smiling at chickens

* Battle Hymn of the Republic
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