Update India

We are praising the risen Lord here in India. After our interpreter D drove to the hospital and returned with the Doctor and 2 nurses (they did not want to make a hotel call). The initial report on E is dysentery. He prescribed medicine and is running additional tests to make sure it is not something else (parasitic or otherwise). She remains in great spirits with a wry sense of humor about the confinement and inability to participate with the children. When we returned this afternoon after she had produced the doctor's "sample" she inquired on how each of our "movements" we're flowing along. Although it is raining (actually pouring) none of our Spirits have dampened. We have probably laughed more these past few days than college boys at a Will Ferrell movie.

Please continue to pray for healing, as dysentery is not only a drag - it is very dangerous in the third world.

We serve an Awesome God, who brought almost twice as many children today as expected (230). It turned out to present many problems with our supplies for crafts but nothing the children knew about. It seemed at every turn of the program a new problem erupted (lack of supplies, pouring rain, no interpreter, clown with the runs running to the bathroom with an entourage) you name it - it was happening today. But we all held our ground, praised our King and laughed at the conquered enemy who was causing the chaos.

It was a great day!

The Name above all names was lifted up, and as He promised, He drew 230 children to Him!

We felt pretty close too.

Please continue to pray for the warfare will surely intensify tomorrow as the resurrection celebration will put us all in the line of fire.

Pray for the weather here as well. The roads are washed out, the news reported 9 deaths from the floods, and the forecast is still calling for storms for the next few days.

Tomorrow we will travel to a village an hour away, celebrate and worship and then have a program for 150 village children.

Our God reigns over the rain and all other concerns. His is faithful and we trust Him completely. Pray for boldness in sharing the Truth about the Day - He is alive!

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