Bare Feet - Naked Heart

"Put off the shoes from thy feet for the place where you are standing is Holy ground". Exodus 3:5

I confess, even though the shoes I wear are not expensive (Teva Sandals) I still am a bit hesitant to remove them and put them in the pile of footwear outside the church building I am about to enter.

I'm not quite sure if it is about my fear of losing their protection when I leave, or if I just think "I" an American should not have to do what "you" are doing?

Sunday morning before I stepped into the Lone Star Church, I couldn't help hear God's words to Moses.

Moses had just turned aside to see the burning bush, and the Bible tells us God called his name when He saw him turn. "Moses". He answered "here I am".

God always asks action on our part. We are not to passively enter into our spiritual nature. We are required to exhibit acts of faith (things not seen). If I really believe the church is a residence of the Almighty how dare I NOT remove my shoes?

There are a lot more than shoes that need to be removed - things that cloak my heart and clog my ears. I said my shoes aren't that great, sensible as some would say, but they do offer good support and protection (like many other worldly things I cling to instead of God).

As I walked barefoot up the aisle, I had to wonder what other human realm of protection and false security I needed to remove, before I could turn to see a bush on fire and yet not consumed?

Keep praying for the Harvest! We have ministered to over 800 people (which includes close to 400 village children)

Smiling and HOT - With a double meaning!

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