For those of you who have never slept under a mosquito net let me take a few minutes to describe the feeling: knowing there are potentially deadly malaria infested mosquitoes buzzing around in the night quickly inspires you to take down the thin swinging apparatus hanging over your bed and carefully tuck down ever corner. For a moment the envelope of mesh makes me feel like a princess guarded in a cocoon of safety. That is until I hear the inevitable "zzzz" sound of a friend inside the secured boundaries - then after a panicked moment waiting for it to land (so I can put myself out of the tortuous fear of a blood sucking bug attacking at will during the night - I say what we should all say first in any scary situation - "with God as my Savior what have I to fear? Go ahead you minion of the enemy out to disturb me - drink the blood of royalty and DIE!". Well, I don't say it that nice ;o) but you get the picture.

Here in Africa, mosquito nets literally mean life or death. I listened to Bono giving a speech on hearing about the number of deaths by malaria here (surpasses that of HIV/AIDS) and he said "you mean to tell me all it would take to save lives is a $2 mosquito net?"

Intercession is often referred to as "prayer covering". You might think as far removed from this situation as you are - there is not much importance in what you are doing to influence the critical nature of this mission. But as I read your encouragements and prayers I feel "covered". Our team is strengthened and when we do hear some annoying "buzz" from the enemy - we are armed with your supply of ammunition to shout out like the shepherd David to the mighty Goliath "I come in the name of the Lord of hosts... and all the assembly will know the Lord saves not with spear and sword: for the battle is the Lord's and He will give you into our hands". 1 Sam 17:45-47

In the middle of the night when nature calls after 2 liters of water - getting out from under the "covering" can be challenging in the dark. What begins as a sanctuary soon becomes a trap! You are fighting with what feels like a giant spider web.

But once out and over (no double entendre intended) one is quick to seek the safety, and in darkness cover up completely for continued rest.

The disciples tried to cast out a demon and were unsuccessful in the ninth chapter of Mark. The father then took his tortured son to Jesus who quickly cast out the spirits and the boy was at peace. The disciples were confused having previously seen success in casting out demons. Jesus explained:

"This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting." Mark 9:29

We might have had our share of "success" stories in the field, and witnessed the hand of God on many occasions - but the Father impressed this verse upon me for the task at hand.

YOU are our pray-ers! This enemy stronghold will NOT come down without YOUR faithfulness.

HE is asking you to do your part to help cast out the demonic influence of the village that is murdering the innocent under superstitious influence.

The mosquito net is working to guard us physically, the intercession is covering us spiritually, the battle is the Lord's.

He is faithful to hear and mighty to save!

Covered and smiling,

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