Proverbs 16:19

"A man may plan his steps but the Lord directs his path"

I left DFW this morning under the threat of bad weather in Chicago. As much as I fly, stormy weather still makes me anxious. We were on time, but the bad weather came with us. Hail, wind sheers, and torrential rain hit and that, as they say, was that. It wasn't long before my little commuter flight to Bismark bit the dust. Flashing lights filled the Departure screen signalling "cancelled", and "delayed".

Chicago O'hare is no place to be stuck when bad weather hits. It is the hub of thousands of flights and when things shut down - they are down!

My best laid plans of flights and long drives came to a thunderous halt when I discovered I could not get out of Chicago to my planned destination no matter which way I flew (Denver, Minnesota, etc... Etc...)

The Lord has directed my path - for reasons unknown - right back to Dallas. Oh well. I was looking forward to the celebration and time with friends but... then again we serve a God who is totally in control and in charge of all weather events.

As I was running to the gate to try and make my stand-by flight, moaning at the inconvenience I passed by a familiar face (how odd is God). It was Joni Erickson Tada in her wheelchair followed by her assistants. I stopped - reminded her of who I am (she is used to seeing me as CARE EE) and greeted her warmly and humbly. Here I was able-bodied, thinking what a nightmare and then the Father gave me a picture of grace, mercy, love overflowing in spite of everything and anything!

It was a terrible day to be stuck in Chicago - but it is always a great day to praise God for all His goodness - no matter what.

Smiling on the way back home

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