"...that's what's happening across the nation, and here's what you can expect..." Sam Champion, Meteorologist - Good Morning America

The Forecast, as unreliable as they often are, it is still a habit for me to listen to what the weather man says each morning. This morning was no different, cloudy in some parts, scattered showers, and spring breezes fading quickly into summer heat.

A little over a week ago, Jews around the world celebrated Passover. A guest or family member asks "What makes this night different," and the Exodus from Egypt is recounted. When the Messiah celebrated this same feast, it had been continually practiced for over thousands of years. It is still being practiced today, and believers now join in the ritual that we have come to call "The Last Supper." What is different about today?

The weather in the heavenlies is stirring; for surely there is a battle heating up. I leave in a few hours, accompanied by two friends from Dallas to head down to San Antonio to the 5th Joni and Friends Warrior Getaway. There will be a record 33 families served this weekend. The wounds of the warriors may be seen, but the wounding of the heart (by systems that fail them, people who disappoint and the pain of a fallen world) for them and those they love is unseen.

We will be there to pour the love of Christ over all. Pray for it to be abundant in supply, bring healing in unseen places, and claim victory over souls for eternity.

This week, East West received the message below from the Pastor in India we worked with last November. It was a sober reminder there is real persecution for our brothers and sisters around the globe. We are at war!

Dear Special People,
Please be in prayer for believers in Bartumuli village, Gouapur, Sonitpur District, Assam: Mising Tribe. As I write this prayer request,2 house churches have been destroyed, one belonging to an old lady. The non believers are on a rampage destroying believers houses. Till now no one have been hurt. Our team comprising of S from PCB Church and 3 of us had just paid a visit to these homes this easter Sunday. We were told that one of our lady believer got married with a hindu,the hindu family forced her to perform rituals to their gods, she became dumb at the spot and so the Hindu family sent this girl back to the Christians in their village. They prayed over her and she was healed!! Then she refused to return back to her Hindu husband. She went to the police for protection. The non believers got angry and took the law in their hands. This is the village where V's team got chased away when we were having children camp.

Please pray for the new believers to be united, strong in the Lord and display Christ's humility. Pray for the old lady (I do not where she will sleep tonight). That God will shelter her and provide her a new home. Pray that the Church Planting Movement will continue as a result of this. That more people will come to Christ and God's name will be glorified.

Pastor L
Assam, India

The time we spend with wounded soldiers and their families is not referred to as a "retreat." These few days are called a "getaway" because soldiers never retreat.

Now, let us ready ourselves for battle. We may have more than the popular TV show proclaims ("A Minute to Win It") but I will repeat what the contestants all say with great enthusiasm in response, "I'm in it to Win IT!"

Victorious in Christ
And still smiling

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