Water into Wine

"...Jesus told the servants to bring the water jugs..."

Our morning devotional (led by one of the physician's who has been working with the soldiers) was on the first miracle of Jesus at the wedding in Canaan. He asked that we look at the passage from the servants point of view. Jesus asked them to do the heavy lifting, and told them to carry the full (20 gallon) jugs. How many of you have lifted one of the water cooler jugs? It is no easy task.

But the point of the devotion on our last full day of the retreat - was not so much the heavy lifting but the fact the only people who knew about the miracle (the fact the water had been changed into wine) were those laborers (not invited to the wedding) doing the heavy lifting.

We were all uplifted and ready for the days heavy lifting! Especially upon hearing 7 soldiers committed their life to Christ after hearing last night's message delivered by Nick.

The day was filled with a fishing tournament, horseback riding, and games. The kids were ecstatic, the servants did heavy lifting and our God showed up.

Tonight, J and I orchestrated a Trivia Game filled with much laughter, joy and enthusiasm (even though the prizes included Vienna sausages and Spam.) The final speaker was Jonathan Spinx who delivered a powerful message of life before and after Christ. As he closed with an invitation message and asked for commitments one young man stood to say yes to a new life. Jonathan then asked them men to pray with him for Christ's love and change in their hearts. Many men stayed behind after the closing and spoke with the various lay workers, the speaker and the Chaplain's in attendance.

Even if you count only 8 definite acceptances of salvation that is close to 50% of those who have attended. Not bad for a handful of servants pouring out the Miracle Jesus has allowed us to see!

Tomorrow Joni will deliver the closing message of hope and offer once again an opportunity to decide who they will leave here serving - they will still be servicemen but we pray they will be serving the King.

The clowns will present the Gospel during Children's church and one of the staff will give them an opportunity to make a decision. You are the ammunition arming and equipping us to bring down the strongholds and continue doing the heavy lifting! We have seen the Living Water quench the thirst of these desert fighting soldiers.

God bless America and those who serve "One Nation" that started under the One God!

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