I will save you the time and trouble of looking up the word which no doubt makes appearances in Spelling Bee competitions on a regular basis. My daughter included it in the list of words describing me on her homemade Mother's Day card. "Eeee – lee – moe – sin – ary. What?" I consulted Google immediately to make sure this was not a hidden joke (doubtful but you never can be too sure with those big words). The meaning is defined as "relating to charity; from the Medieval Latin "alms dispenser". The $4.95 Thesaurus proved better than Hallmark. I was duly honored and impressed. I glad she considers this a word to describe me, but it is a definition of ministry as well. We are commanded to consider others higher than ourselves, and to "dispense" the love of God to those the Father places in our path.

This clown is ready for some "eleemosynous" action; I've been counting down the days until I return to the field! Finally, after the longest hiatus home in years, I am ready to hit the road and travel to San Antonio for the third Warrior Retreat, sponsored by the local branch office of Joni and Friends ( http://www.joniandfriends.org ). I will be joined at the retreat by my 25 year old son Alec. It will be his first experience to see me in "action" as well as his first experience to serve the needs of the young men and women who have fought to keep us free. I was astounded by the statistic - 90% of the 3.3 million serving in the military are between 17-21 years old! And another surprising number: there are 45 million military dependants; which is more than 10% of the entire population of the United States of America. But all 304,000,000 of us are dependant on the military. We are able to enjoy the freedom we have because of those willing to put their life on the line and serve.

We need ammunition. Your prayers prepare and equip us to be faithful servants and to fight the good fight of faith.


Safe transportation of the troops and their families

Hotel accommodations to be comfortable and suitable to their needs

The speakers to relate well to the soldiers the message of hope and truth

The volunteers to love and serve with joy and fun with all the participants

Safe driving for the volunteers and leadership

The Pastors and Army Chaplains to have discernment and boldness in sharing truth and faith

The Counselors to minister Christ's love and to have His wisdom and discernment to address the issues these families face

All staff working with the children. For patience, safety, love and FUN!

Prayerfully consider your financial participation for this opportunity as well as our upcoming orphan outreach trip to Kenya with East West Ministries International July 17-27. In spite of the financial condition of the country or any personal upheaval or uncertainty, one thing that is certain:

§ Without the truth of salvation

§ And knowledge of the hope in Christ being shared with those who have lost hope or have never heard the Good News

§ Their life will be forever separated from God

There is no brighter future than the one awaiting those who place their trust in the Living God.

It is printed on our money.

Our actions need to reflect our belief.

Ready for duty again

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