Believing in Change!

Today was our first full day of the conference here in Tanzania. The morning was filled with Sunday School teachers and the afternoon brought close to 100 women. I introduce the program, explain the ministry and give them a vision for the day.

There is much about mission work that seems very difficult. The plane rides, admittedly are long, the packing ten things you might need in a foreign country "just in case" challenges the zippers on my suitcase every time. We definately leave the "comforts of home" but do take a few with us. There is a lot of fun to be had in the midst of discomfort. You can imagine the implication of not finding your key too quickly when you really really need to get into your room.

What we leave behind can't compare with what we are privileged to witness. Today, it was better than the Texas Giant Roller Coaster seeing the attendees tie on the bracelets and name tags made by the children involved with YBC (Youth Believing in Change).

The children's lives were changed the moment they connected with Vincent and Angela Gaddis and heard how they could be changed by the Word of God and BE a CHANGE for the Word of God in their community.

I send testimony of the change they are making here across the dark continent! They are already doing mission work! Even though they would be put in the category, "Children at risk." Vincent and Angela Gaddis took the risk for them. Today was a testimony to all they have poured into the lives of the children that is producing a kingdom change in the hearts of Africans 20,000 miles away.

Sometimes I get feedback on "how hard my work and life is". I confess, I bring some comforts of home. I have essential oils that as far as I have experimented will cover smells as diverse as accidentally squashed bananas, to day old curry. About the only thing it will not cover up is wet french fries! And just how did my fries get wet? I was trying to flush them down the toilet.

I carry comforts from home to be sure. Good smelling hair and body wash and a scented candle - just to name a few. I praise God for HIS surprise comforts like a hot clean shower! With no monkeys fighting for my breakfast. But the greatest comfort I carry is the one I give away.

John 3:16

I had the attendees repeat it. I said, if you believe it you should share it.

It changed me
The rest just makes me smile
In His service of course
In the shadow getting sleepy

Pray for the rural tribal women who will be receiving 150 Bibles tomorrow for the first time
Pray for power of the Word
Pray for our protection and REST
Pray for the Stults Road congregation to be blessed
Pray for the children to be raised up evangelist;
Pray some ten fold, some hundred fold I believe God for 1000 fold coming into the Kingdom.

Nothing is to hard for Him
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