The day started with a phone call which I did not answer. "I hope I am not waking you up from your last good night's sleep." It didn't exactly. I had been laying in the soft comfort of my bed and self-constructed hibernation haven.

My friend announced a prior commitment that would prevent her from taking me to the airport - not to worry there had been volunteers willing to act as missionary chauffeur to the familiar destination of DFW.

I finished up the last minute packing , coming to the realization that my one extra bag filled with gifts for the children could result in $250 in fees. It would be worth it - but...

I sent out requests for favor at the airports and looked for it eagerly as my friend pulled up to the curbside check-in. Slow day, the two baggage handlers were sitting waiting to help. I got out with a friendly greeting and humble expression of need, "I have an issue and I need a favor."

The gentleman looked at me with a suspicious questioning glance and then at the bags. Something criminal? Hardly! I explained where I was headed and the purpose of my adventure. He grinned and said "now I didn't actually do this - but here you go." No surprise to having found favor - but there is still the San Francisco situation.

Late night arrivals lead to late night attitudes. Try though I may to get "Skycap" assistance with my 200 pounds of luggage - there was none to be found. Alas, a luggage cart and a 1/2 mile trek to the International terminal just about did me in! Then to find someone to ask - another late night story indeed.

Finally locating the Singapore counter with a growing line of awaiting passengers, I was thankful for the time to pray for favor again with the agent. I got my chance, met with a grin from the young Asian gate agent who questioned who would have told me that I could rely on the gate agent. "Not since 9/11 can we allow extra bags without charge." So unfortunately, it cost $125 for the overage. Not bad for the amount of joy it will bring.

"No, I insist on paying you for it. I will not sacrifice to the LORD my God ... offerings that cost me nothing." 2 Samuel 24:24

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