Monkeys, Brains, and the Peanut Butter Cracker Revelation

We had been driving 4 ½ hours by the time we reached Kandy. Road weary, hungry, and at the 'get me out of this car' stage, when A2 returned from checking out the price of the rooms and said 'Charrrrr-lin' it is high.' Double what we have been paying (in other words $60). I thought about the hillside one-lane road we would be forced to travel down in the now pitch black night and made an executive decision that my sanity, and not having to search anouther hour for a hotel was worth $30!

This is one of the few four (for Sri Lanka) star hotels. As we enjoyed the sumptious buffet, A and I both said 'that was worth the $30'!

In our hotel rooms however, we noticed a curious sign leading out to the balcony, 'Beware of Monkeys'. A shrieked 'you've got to be kidding me!' We laughed and said our good nights. The next morning as the sun was rising over the hilltops, I decided to step out onto the balcony. As I opened the door I heard a strange noise across the tin roof. I looked up to see monkey tails hanging down and monkey hands grabbing the edge of the rooftop. I FREAKED, ran in and shut the glass door behind me. BEWARE indeed!

A few minutes later, after I had caught my breath, A knocked on the door to walk to breakfast. I said 'I saw them!' And what do you think a 22 year old would say? 'Get out' I then went on (safely still in the room) to explain my marsupial encounter. A started giggling, wide-eyed and ready for his own encounter. 'What do we have to feed them?' he asked with a frenzied smile, not wanting to miss the wild life.

Now, anyone will tell you that on a mission trip you find out about yourself. You learn about God, and hopefully will grow closer to Him. Sometimes with organizations, you are asked to fill out a 'post–trip' evaluation. I think this is my continued trip confession.

A, is the same age as my oldest son. We share lots of laughs but there is still the 'mother' that has the tendency to come forth at times like these. 'That's not a good idea', I hastily cautioned about the crackers. But A had already grabbed a package, ripped it open and stood on the balcony calling out 'here monkey monkey monkey.'

I, of course, stood in the room with my hand on the balcony door issuing mother-like cautions. 'You shouldn't do that. Come back in. This is going to be bad. The sign says, BEWARE.' A giggled like a child when he saw some approaching on the roof below. What he didn't see, but to my horror I witnessed, was the six monkeys coming down the drain pipe behind him, and were now on the porch with him!

He was having fun (kind of) and I was screaming, 'come in, come in!'. And just when I thought it could not be any worse, the Alpha Male jumped on top of the air conditioning unit and bared his teeth! I (much to my surprise) held the door closed. Watching while A actually offered the cracker by his own hand. The monkey jumped up and all 6'3 of A jumped back and toward the door.

He got in – I yelled in my mother tone 'what were you thinking – trying to had feed wild animals. See that sign!' A, nervously laughed and said, 'you were holding the door. You were going to let that monkey eat my brain!'

So there it is my confession, and what I learned about myself on my mission trip.

While I'm about the 'Father's business' I can feel pretty spiritual and righteous. But on a balcony in Kandy, I was reminded just how much flesh I am actually wearing.

'the Lord remembers we are but dust...'

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