I gathered my composure, knowing the Father has the situation well in control. Once we were back at the hotel and there was a period of free time, I took the opportunitz to 'log-in' and compose an answer to my oldest son and a petition for the saints.

I cried still – having a foreboding sense so far from home. But while I was writing, trying to comfort an older brother seeking solution for a struggling sibling, my familar 'North and South' refrain echoed in my mind 'this is WAAA-RR-H'!!

'We are not given ordinary weapons, but the kind that bring down stongholds'

I expressed myself to my seeking son as oftentimes feeling powerless to offer anything – but now perhaps I do have the most important thing to offer – the power of prayer.

The Bible tells us modern-day followers, that Elijah was a man just like us and he 'prayed' and it did not rain in Israel for forty days. If I am his contemporary equal and have understanding this is no ordinary war – I also must internally acknowledge that I am in possession of a 'weapon of mass destruction'.

Pre-emptive strikes are made against nations perhaps in possession of such a threat. Perhaps the enemies 'pre-emptive' strike agains the battlefield of Sri Lanka was delivered against an innocent.

A terrorist seeks to injure by attacking their enemies weak point - its women and children and so called non-combatants. But if God is for us

who can stand against us!

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