A Light in Lunugamvehera

'say to a people living in darkness'

Thursday was going to be a long day. We knew that when we woke we had a 5 to 6 hour drive down through the mountains winding around the cash crop of the former Ceylon – 'tea'.

Again, we took our focus off the danger on the roadways with diversionary DVDs. When we finally arrived at our destination church, we thanked God for getting us there before the approaching storm. It was already 4:00 and the clouds were rolling in, the light inside the sanctuary fading fast. It would be a problem seeing a program that is mostly visual in the dark. I turned to the Pastor and asked about the bare bulbs I could see hanging overhead. ' Well, no energy today'. The storm began just as we were starting our craft segment. It was pitch black.

It was one of those times when what could go wrong, did go wrong.

The glue spilled, the papers flew, the crayons were broken, the Polaroid film had been ruined by the airport x-ray machines. And yet, as candles were lit and set around the floor, everyone sat down, gathered close in to the light and began working on their creations.

A and I sat over in the corner out of the fray and turned simultaneously and said 'amazing – I think they are having a good time'. A laughed and said 'In America – electricity goes out, program cancelled – these people make do, they are survivors'.

The darkness had encircled us, the thunder and lightning of the storm was deafening. I closed my portion with three colored ropes and talk of being united in Christ. A gave a great sermon – and the set up of the sanctuary lent itself to the traditional 'come forward' altar call. Many in the audience came up. Over 20 young and old alike. It was as though the darkness could hold them no longer – today in Lungumvehera there was LIGHT!

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