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'...and deliver us from evil...'

It's over. I'm back at the beachfront hotel enjoying the setting sun, calming my nerves at the end of yet another 'death-defying' drive down the rural roadways of Sri Lanka. Our driver seemed more confident on the straight-a-ways after negotiating the mountain lanes – so passing vehicles against oncoming traffic was not a problem for him. But on more than one occasssion I used a stern back seat directive. 'Slow down, we are not in a hurry', to which he would nod and laugh sheepishly like a child with their hand caught in the cookie jar.

We left the hotel early to make the start of our last program in Chilaw, about 50 miles and more than 50 breath-stealing traffic breaking moments away.

The Pastor greeted us and led us upstairs to his apartment above the church. We received the formal greeting (the sharing of milk tea) prayers and polite conversation.Two gentlemen cam in shortly after and the Pastor explained one had come today for prayer.

His introduction was lengthy, describing how this was a very important man in the community, very rich, who owned one of the largest garment factories. But over the last two months his factory has been under demonic attacks. His original 250 employees have dwindled to under 20. He lost his major contracts to factories in Colombo. He has sold all four of his vehicles, sold his house and is basically on the verge of bankruptcy. The father of one of the remaining workers is a new believer at the church. He brought the man to the Pastor.

'thou shall have no other gods before me'

The Pastor then shared how this particular area has strong demonic activity. There are many temples and places designed for idol worship. He chuckled nervously saying, 'when you live where the devil does – you expect these things!'

A said, 'of course we will pray for you.' The man spoke perfect English, but had let the Pastor plead his case. Almost like a parent explains to the physician the symptoms of their hurting child. Before A began, the man raised his downcast eyes and said 'I am a Buddhist.'

I was reminded of the Kings of old who often sought out the prophets of Israel when all their own resources had come to no end. I also remembered how prayers were answered and the Kings proclaimed, 'there is One God, the true God in Israel, we will serve Him.'

We prayed and brought forth the weapons that bring down such strongholds. We have not forgotten we are engaged in very real warfare.

As we were returning to Nogumbo (40km north of Colombo) we heard of a terrorist attack at the Military Hospital killing 8 and wounding scores of others. Sri Lanka is once again on the brink of all out civil war. Back at the hotel the nightly news said 'The government is calling for prayer, and has contacted leaders of all faiths to pray.'

As we have seen over the last two weeks, His Gospel is going forth and right on our heels is the enemy. However, we are confident on this...

'we are more than conquerors!'

Blessed are the peacemakers.

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