Hotel Rating System

"... and no luxury inns - get a modest place and be content..." Luke 9:4 The Message

The flight from Singapore to Colombo was bearable. I had spent the precious 8 hours at the transit hotel stretched out on the bed and luxuriating in being completely prone and alone! I had the last seat on the 777 and silently hoped the seat next to me would remain vacant. Alas, not to be - but it wasn't all that bad. I had plenty of time to situate my pillows and peripherals, crank up the iTunes and even check out the plethora of free movies. I settled on "Syriana". What were they thinking in its award nominations? Convoluted screeplay, I never quite knew if it was the jet lag or I just didn't get it. Oh well...

A was waiting diligently at the airport (I don't think he will ever forget anyone again) and was suprised at the 200 pounds of luggage that I was toting along. His enthusiasm for the project and all that is in store in the days ahead is infectious. to the King and His Kingdom we press on. We saved the headaches facing us (transport, lodging, etc.) for tomorrow. The hotel was just up the road and A assured me he had "checked it out."

Getting the gate men to open up at the late hour was another story. Our cab driver assured them we had a reservation and after rousing the hotel staff the gate opened. In some parts of the world the rating system for hotels is ranked in "stars". I've created my own for the third world occupied zones. High ranking "no roach" motel - then "one roach, two progressing down to unacceptable bugs".

This turned out to be a "one roacher". Not bad, no bugs in the bathroom, AND air conditioning. And the best bonus - it didn't receive its ranking until the light of day. Alas, the roach chose to hide in plain sight.

Off to Anamadura.

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