Arrival (NOT)

“He was a stranger in the land.” Heb 11:9

After multiple starts, stops, layovers and lounges, we landed in Madurai. It was warm and once again I teased V about bring her winter boots from Russia. We collected our bags and went outside and met our ride (the brother of our contact). He took one look at our clothing and asked if we had anything else. Heads turned, questions formed in our minds (though muddled) as he said, “We are going to the mountains, it is bitter cold there!” We all said “what”, at the same time. Next question “how far away is that?” “Two or three hours” “What?” our second astonishment – but nothing really prepared us for the ride up the mountain that was actually four hours. We fell into our rooms at 1:00 am – sixteen hours of a journey – the next part of the journey.

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