“… good eyes! I’m making every word I give you come true.” Jer 1:12

We came down from the mountain late Friday afternoon to be ready for the dedication of the new training center near the city on Saturday. The drive down gave us visions of far reaching mountain hillsides, as well as a sunset befitting the nation we found ourselves in. Stripes of orange, yellow, magenta, and purple spread like multi-colored sarongs across the sky. It was breathtaking and an inspiring view of His creation in its splendor.

“The God of Gods – its God! Speaks out, shouts, “Earth!” Welcomes the sun in the East and farewells the sun in the disappearing West.” Ps 50:1

The training center was just a short ride from our hotel and the property was adorned with plants lining the driveway to welcome the visitors, church pastors and graduating trainees. The director gave us a tour around the facility, pointing out the buildings constructed to house the animals (goats, rabbits, chickens and ornamental fish) that would become a self-sustaining source of income for the center as well as support the baby house and provide food. On and on his description went, of the existing property as well as the future plans for building and expansion. It was inspiring to see such a young man with a great heart and vision.

“While I was among the exiles… the heavens opened up and I saw visions of God…” Ezek 1:1

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