The days are short and the night seems even shorter. Our bodies are having significant adjustment difficulty due to a lack of sunshine at all and very few daylight hours. We were able to sleep for almost ten hours, but even that seemed inadequate waking up to a dark, wet, and snowy morning.

We made our way by a convoy of taxis, to the Teen Transition Center and discussed over breakfast how many actually welcomed in the New Year. Most of the younger kids did, but as for the rest of us, we tried our best to sleep through the fireworks, disc beats and revelry that went well into the wee hours of the first night of 2007.

Once we finished breakfast we set our sites on assembling the stocking we would be giving away over the next few days at the orphanages.

Our efficient assembly line stuffed, separated, sorted, and systematically put 200 stockings together for the joy of the children that would receive them.

We organized each days bags with the items we would need and tried to anticipate for the “just in cases.” We have a lot of “stuff” – “stuff” to stuff. We are trying not to get lost in the material things and the emotional need and just BE here in the moment.

Assembly for God - assembled by God.

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