The Dream of a Queen

It always happens.

At any given orphanage, in any given country, there are always “special children”; those who seek additional attention. The ones who break free of being shy of strangers, or language or difference and just come up and stay. Holding my hand, hugging, laughing, looking for ways to get (and give) special acknowledgement.

It was the time of New Year celebrations. Many of the little girls donned princess crowns for the festivities and the special guests. Tow of the girls (Natalya and Masha) giggled and laughed each time I called them “Tsaritza” (Russian for queen). Oh we had fun, I with my exaggerated service to my two tiny queens, and they with their giggling as they proudly led me by the hand around the orphanage.

They showed where their classroom was, the sewing room, around and around we ran through the halls trying to stay ahead of the other group of Americans – or when we lingered too long in one are – to catch up through the labyrinth of hallways. They giggled and smiled incessantly – and towards the end of our funny “tour”, they decided I needed to see where they slept.

Of course, their rooms were simple but well kept, beds neatly made and all things tidy and organized. Natalya motioned for me to test out her bed. So CARE EE laid back and began telling a night-time story:

“Once there was a Queen, living in a far-away country. One day she had a strange visitor – a CLOWN! They laughed and we continued with our oration of the funny fairytale.

At the end of the day, when we were preparing to leave, Natalya and Masha ran into the coat room to find me. They were busy with the lollipops they found in their stockings, but wanted to say another goodbye, get another hug, one last…

As I embraced the girls, again calling them “Queens”, I closed my eyes and began again reciting our earlier fairy-tale:

“Once there was a Queen…who closed her eyes to dream…” I peeked one eye and inquired, “Now, Queen what shall you be dreaming tonight – a CLOWN laying in your royal bed?!”

Natalya answered, “no, I always dream of my mother, every night I dream of her.”

“ For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven” Matt 18:10

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