"And makes the Nations prove...

... the glories of His righteousness, and wonders of His love, and wonders of His love, and wonders, wonders, of His love!" excerpt from Joy to the World traditional Christmas carol

Friday WAS full of joy overflowing

The invitation to perform at a government sponsored Primary School was approved at the request of an "English" volunteer teacher. A young man and his wife, who has now lived in China for over five years with three young children. They are committed to the harvest here for they have seen the ripe fields! The two older girls (3yrs and 2yrs) came with us to the school. It was humbling to see his commitment as well as sacrifice for the work of the Kingdom. He chuckled, as we were weaving in and out of the traffic (with no "child-safety" seats) and said, "this is all they know". He and his family are here to "hear" the NATION prove.

"the glories of His righteousness."

The auditorium of the school housing over 2000 children filled quickly with the chosen 400 (10 from each classroom). They were well behaved (for youngsters) but when CARE EE walked in the room - it exploded into squeals of surprise and delight. They were ecstatic to see a real "clown" up close. They had fun with the skits, the tricks and in the end, when time came to close, CARE EE wished them a Merry Christmas. I asked them, "do you know why Christmas is celebrated?" They all shouted back, "it is the birthday of Jesus!"

Just one week ago, the young man had carefully, shared the real meaning of Christmas. They remembered. When we walked out their volunteer "teacher" exclaimed, "WOW, they remembered."

"If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto me."

After a brief rest, I made my way through the dark below freezing night across the campus to J's combined classes. He was unsure of the turnout because most of his students are older and have jobs and families. The room appeared a bit vacant with only 50 students but they were engaging and had a good time with the performance. Once again, the evening closed with a question and answer session.

For the first time I can remember, after I gave the explanation for "why" (because I am a Christian) I chose this type of job, one of the students said, "can you tell us what lead you to make this decision to become a follower of Christ, and when did this life-changing event happen?" You can imagine, the prayers that were immediately shot as arrows into the Throne Room from J,D, myself and the other Chinese believers in attendance. I was able to give a clear presentation of the message of the Gospel. We are all sinners, in need of a Savior. I also was clear in expressing, in America, many children are raised in Christian homes and exposed to the Truth of the Bible at an early age. But, the Truth can be understood anytime you hear it. God so loved the World...

"...and wonders, and wonders of His love."

In a few minutes, my friends will arrive with our Chinese version of an SUV, we will pack up the treats and goodies and head for Taian (two hours away). The children are still in the old facility and still in great need. This year we added diapers to the list of items we are taking to the precious disabled young ones, who must spend the majority of the day, confined to a crib.

Pray for safety on the roads.
Pray for joy among the children.
Pray for understanding from the workers of what keeps me coming back and back and back.
Praise God for the WONDER of His love!

And all the nations WILL bow before the King.

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