Afar in Dar

Just a quick note to say we have arrived safely, along with all our luggage!

We are trying to sleep fast with entangling ourselves in the duct-tape patched mosquitoes nets covering our beds. I am quite sure I will be the feast for at least one hundred lucky beasts who snuck inside before I could tuck the net down. They were swarming in our little YWCA hostel.

Before you start feeling too sorry for us, here in the hinterlands, fighting infections and insects, and I sing myself a pitiful lullaby, God graced us undeservedly by giving us a Business Class upgrade from Zurich to Dar. We slept long and well and ate like queens. Now back to reality.

Pray for our protection tonight. I have my little door alarm jammed up to the entrance so we should be okay.

Pray for our rest and recovery as we must wake up in a few hours to get to the boat to Zanzibar.

Pray for our luggage and transfers

Pray for our health

Pray for all the women who are preparing to hear what the Lord has brought for them.

Pray for the salvation of an island nation steeped in the traditions of ancient Islamic culture

Just pray

Remembering the airplane fondly
Smiling in His service

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