Above All

Here in India it has been more than "Good Friday", it has been a GREAT Friday! During our morning team devotion we sang off key, but in spirit the praise song "Above All". You may be familiar with the line, "above all nations, above all kings, above all powers and all created things." It was an appropriate way to clear our minds and set our hearts on the Living God we serve. We have been surrounded by hundreds of temples to millions of deities. It renewed our minds to acknowledge our GOD IS above all we have seen and all that holds the people here in bondage.

We started the day in worship with the local Nazarene Church hosting our afternoon children's program. Several of the lay leaders as well as Soso delivered a portion of the message on the last 7 utterances of Jesus from the cross. We were uplifted by the message and the testimony - we are ONE body serving together no nation, no race, "under God indivisible!".

Our afternoon program was attended by over 120 enthusiastic children, eager to hear the Word, sing songs of His love and celebrate the day of redemption. The nationals closed the ceremony with an invitation for the children to pray. With bowed heads and hands folded in prayer, the traditional sinners prayer was offered and all 120 children prayed.

It was a GREAT Friday!

Tomorrow we will have a full day program with another 100+ group. Please continue to pray for our health and stamina. Pray for the hearts of the children to hear the Truth. Pray for safety and rest. May the God we serve show Himself faithful in new ways to you all.

Smiling for the Wonderful cross

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