Sowers and Sewers

I praise the Father of the fatherless for your faithful prayers on our behalf.

I can't say the Lord has given us the strength of ten men, but He has been faithful each day to restore and energize us for all He has planned for us to accomplish. When I am climbing the hill up to the orphanage the view is breathtaking (or is it the steep hike combined with altitude that is taking my breath away)?

Today we began to decorate the home with the variety of materials we had pooled together from various sources and combined creative gifts. The "formal room" is now covered with "Stewart Stenciled Stars" and one wall has foam crosses that form a cross. The girls names and the date they were "rescued" is interspersed between the "Hearts by hand of V". It is so cheerful and honoring. Sonya, the girl rescued on Sony's birthday (the last baby to join the home) name appears at the foot of the cross. Soso loved it!

The main play room now has a border that says "Grow in God's Word" circling the entire room. Above each area are Bible figures depicting various stories. I had the task of writing all the stories and verses around the pictures. It brought me to tears as I looked back at the handiwork knowing "God's word does not return to Him void". At any time as the girls grow they will be surrounded "by so great a cloud of witnesses". David and Goliath, Moses, Jonah, Noah, the story of the Exodus, and many more.

E, J and K took turns in the garden - sowing a future Harvest that will sustain the girls nourishment for the season to come. Everyone is familiar with the adage, don't just give a man a fish - but teach him to fish. Well, the Lord provided these precious little ones women who knew nothing about gardening (hey we can read the package), had painted only when necessary, sewn only on occasion or when a button falls off, but all who overheard the voice of the Lord and replied "Here I am send me."

We have traveled by plane, traversed mountain roads with no guard rails, and RAN when we had the runs out of necessity not fun. Great has been our reward!

We have seen the face our Father in the dark eyes glistening with joy as we hugged, tickled, gurgled and made gorilla growls.

Our hands have been guided supernaturally as seeds for sustenance were sown, and blankets of warmth were sewn!

We have had moments of poignant sadness sharing a widow's grief and seeing her own orphaned children, when their father who had such a passion for orphans left this life too soon by our understanding.

We finish what He has asked of us tomorrow - but we leave behind a garden made with love and a home decorated with delight.

We beseech the Lord of the Harvest for this harvest. We count on His promise to Jeremiah, He is watching over His word (painted on the walls)to see that it performs all He has set out for it to do!

Sowing, Sewing, and still smiling
In His service

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