Immediate Need in India

Calling all pray-ers!

Our day started off with a bang! Literally. Our sweet team member E began to feel a bit queasy at breakfast got up to go to her room and fainted. She and J remained at the hotel to let her rest and try and recover. After three hours she has not improved. We are currently waiting to see if a physician can come to the hotel, but if not she and V will go to a clinic. Pray for restoration and healing as well as mercy. She is in wonderful spirits making jokes and smiling in spite of this new trial.

We are praising God for the over 200 children participating in the full day program. They are open hearted and having a great time. Clearly the enemy is on the attack but Easter is the promise he is defeated!

Thank you for your fervent and effective prayers. Our God reigns! And another prayer is to stop the rain - it is flooding!

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