Safe and Sound

Home Camp Team

Your in field mission team arrived safely to Madurai after three flights, 10 layover hours, and a car ride covering close to 20,000 miles (all together).

I forgot the SOUND here. I confess after all the travel the noise tends to annoy and distract but as we drove through the streets past many shrines and temples, I was reminded by the "still small voice" of why we have come so far. Millions of idols deceive and seek to drown out the truth. As the blaring horns worked on fraying my last nerve, I said to my companions, "it's Maundy (Holy) Thursday."

On that night so many years ago, our Lord held up a piece of bread, and then the cup of wine. We repeat His words in remembrance of His sacrifice. But today, here in India amongst a small portion of over 1 billion people who have yet to know - He was broken for them, His blood was spilt for them I was reminded of what a small sacrifice our inconvenience of flights, fatigue and general comfort stretching really is.

Friday, did not look so good to His followers, but we will be celebrating the rest of the story here tomorrow with over a 100 village children! Pray they hear the Good News of the only God who lives!

Please pray we make quick body and time adjustments and as always for our health and stamina. Our prayers are with you in celebration of the King we serve.

With a crooked (from fatigue) smile but serving still!

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