A Man May Plan His Steps

...But the Lord directs his path"

It is early Monday morning here, the sun is shining and we have witnessed the rising of the Son in over 500 children's hearts!

We will travel up the mountain, to Kodaikanal to begin our work on the orphanage of Redeeming India (www.redeemingindia.org ). It has been an amazing few days here in Batlagundu and we have felt the pleasure of the Father, the community of the Saints, and the power of your prayers.

Last night we returned to the training center to say our goodbyes to th 16 young Pastors who have served us and the Lord well. Their commitment, passion, and presence has inspired and humbled us.

When we first arrived J pointed out the resting place of the mortal body of Sony Prince, the inspiration and visionary of the center and the orphanage. It was too much for my heart to bear. Memories of our trip in Jan of 2007 came flooding in like the rain we had been dowsed with the past 4 days.

Sony, his wife Soso and their three young children in tow had walked us up this very road, while Sony spoke of his vision for the land. "Here we will have a chicken coop where we can sell eggs, here we will have rabbits so the orphan girls will have enough protein, here is where we will raise goats to provide for their dowry...". I am sure he never would have said, "and here at the end of the road, will be my grave."

The sun was setting on Easter, my tears were flowing as we tried to make our way back through the darkness across the path covered in rocks and pools of rain left behind by the past few days of stormy weather, I fought to look up.

I struggled to embrace the full meaning of the day, our Lord conquered the grave, death has lost it's power, the body of Sony Prince, faithful servant, loving husband, devoted father, passionate evangelist may be lying in a grave next to the vision he shared with us, but as Easter promises - he is with our Lord. He is not here - he is risen indeed!

Going up the mountain - and I am not smiling - but nervously still serving

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