Those Who Sow

As the Israelite pilgrims made their way up to Jerusalem for the festivals set by the Lord they sang songs. They are recorded for us as the Psalms of the Ascents. The old standard hymn "Bringing in the Sheaves" finds its origins in Psalm 126.

"Those who sow in tears will return with rejoicing carrying sheaves of joy"

We have completed the tasks set before us. We have sown and sewn, painted and decorated walls with the Word of God protectively above the hearts and heads of the orphans.

We walked down the hilltop one final time today. With each step I took, it seemed as though my tears were watering the flowers beside the path. I remembered the Psalmist and found joy in the promise of the future Harvest He is growing.

This morning we make our way back down the mountain. Our health issues are minor to what they have been, but there is 36 hours of travel to make it through. We need safety, rest, restoration and good health for the journey.

We have seen God's hand, we have felt His pleasure and we thank you for faithfully interceeding for the "farmers".

Finished sewing - smiling and waiting to sown some more!

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