Rescued, Redeemed, Restored

"...long ago He decided to adopt us into His family...". Eph 1

Here in Kodaikanal, at the top of the mountain there is quiet. It is quite the contrast to other places in India, where the traffic horns blare well into the night and start up again in a cacophony of impatient tones well before dawn.

We arrived safely, anxious around the hair pin curves, but considering E was fit for travel, we felt blessed to be able to make the journey and proceed with the work at the orphanage.

We all rested well, and were excited to make our way to the Redeeming India orphanage. The home sits on the side of a steep hill, at the end of a one lane dirt road (partially washed out by the recent rains). The stone stairs leading to the home are flanked on both sides by beautiful purple flowering shrubs, and lantana spilling over from the elevation above.

We were greeted warmly by the house mothers, but for the 18 baby girls (ages 6 months to 4 years) we were an odd size, shape and color. Most were able to accept our strange greetings and cooings in baby language without tears, but there were a few that took one look at our strangeness and let us know they were not near as excited as we were.

We spent most of the day accomplishing the needed tasks: a garden planted, new bed sheets and pillow cases sewn, and the classroom painted. But our afternoon was spent on the floor coaxing cuddles out of our new friends.

Little by little (after their naps and lunch) the began to allow their curiosity to rule their proximity and they approached us one by one. When they saw we were odd - but funny - there was no stopping their enthusiasm to have new playmates that made strange sounds (Kathy has a perfect gorilla imitation) and laugh with the joy we unfortunately loose with age but rediscover around babies!

Loving on these girls, seeing their beautiful cherub-like faces, and hearing them laugh, it was hard to imagine how superstitious practices would have robbed them of life, often by horribly cruel murderous methods shortly after their birth.

But they were rescued.

Although they will never know the man responsible for saving them, they will know a Father's love who promises He has a future for them, plans to prosper them and not to harm them. They are daily being cared for by young Christian women serving sacrificially illustrating the love of the Savior.

They have been redeemed.

When Sony first shared how these girls are "bought for a price" it truly was a picture of our own "redemption" story. We have an enemy, one who seeks to destroy our life - and but for the effort of the One - we would die separated never knowing the Father's love.

We just celebrated the truth of Christ' conquering the grave. We know one day we will join together with those who have gone before, and a "Prince" of a man who understood pure religion undefiled, will stand with His King and see the girls he saved restored into his loving and awaiting arms.

Psalm 124:2. If the Lord had not been on the side of: Pria, Sophia, Sarah Grace, Gloria, Sonja, Vicki, Jennifer, Angelina, Kristina, Faith, Camille, Eden Joy, Karissa, Tricia, Nancy, Beth, Rachel Lisa Marie and you and me - we would have lost our lives."

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