The Coincidence of the World

... is the providence of God!

The day begins at 6:00am. Our routine established into breakfast in the lobby buffet that at least is convenient at best is consistent. We set off across campus to the waiting students. J and D have been preparing them for my arrival by explaining certain terms: non-profit, orphanages, disabilities (although here they more readily understand then the term 'crippled' is used).

The questions come and the Spirit provides the "answers". "Why do you go? How do you choose wher to go or hear about where an orphanage is?" The last question posed an opportunity for the 'coincidence of the world is the providence of God' answer.

The story of how I met J and D (through a woman I met in Israel who two years later invited me to her home in Wyoming, where I met a couple from Montana, on their way to China!) of course it is something they cannot understand and frankly I'm not sure anyone of truly can!

"a man may direct his steps, but God guides his path.."

Oh How I love to proclaim it!!

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