Tell Them the Deaf Hear

Last night's public performance sponsored by the church drew a standing room only crowd! There were approximately 450 in attendance. Mostly adults and teenagers with a few children. On the front row sat Mrs W's deaf students.

It reminded me of the verse spoken by John the Baptist,and Christ's answer. He asked "are you the One...? Jesus answered "tell him the lame walk, the blind see, the deaf hear - the prisoners are set free!" There are many imprisoned by lack of information and lack of workers willing to Harvest" You have taken time to participate in this "Field Work"!

It was an experience to be translated into TWO languages one heard and one SEEN. The students were so excited. They work regularly with Mrs W, and most are believers. Before going "on" I asked the organizers if I had permission to "share" openly?

"Yes, of course - they know this is a Christian meeting"

The ENTIRE performance was a time of "Good News" ALL the stories and "tricks" were told with the theme of Christ, His mercy, His love, His redemption. Several of the female deaf students on the front row kept nodding and nodding in affirmation. I felt like they were encouraging me and in their own "language" saying "You GO GIRL!!!"

Go, I did - and by the end of the program - many were proclaiming the shed blood of the Lamb as redemption! Each person attending received a "Wordless Book - bracelet or keychain" with instructions for sharing the meaning. We had a little "test" and with enthusiasm they replied what the colors meant (some even in English!) Gold = heaven; Black = sin; Red = Jesus Blood; White = Redemption; Green = growing!!

We all grew last night! Along with the bracelets - they ALL received a BIBLE!! Now that is a true GIFT here. At the end of the meeting D came up to me with tears in her eyes and said "Who would have thought my students would be able to hear the Gospel so openly?"

The things we take for granted in our faith, the freedom we enjoy and too often ignore - HERE is one that is cherished, sought after, hoped and prayed for.

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