The Quest for the Question

"But let me tell you something wonderful, a mystery I'll probably never fully understand..."

Our faithful cabbie was waiting outside the hotel right on time at 7:55 to take us the quarter mile up the road to the classroom. The students gave B and I a warm greeting to welcome us, as J had given a short introduction on his day's special guests. As with the previous programs over the past 5 years - the performance down to the photographs passed around the classroom, are designed to promoted "leading questions." While it is still dangerous business to "evangelize" in China - one does have the liberty to answer "direct" questions.

Naturally, when the students see photos of such diverse places as Africa, Bosnia, Russia, and this year's addition of Sri Lanka tsunami victims - they immediately question "How can you see such things? Why...? How...? THEN I am free to say "I am a Christian... the Bible teaches... God loves the world..." They generally nod their heads making sounds of affirmation, not necessarily understanding.

Although most of the "students" are well over 20, their enjoyment and enthusiasm is not dampened by their age. The real blessing comes after the program as the students continue to pose "leading" questions to their "teachers". This day J was "lead" to give the REAL answer to the REAL question - and shared the Good News to the group gathered after class. Perhaps soon some of the "searching students" quest will be over?!

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