No Bible No Breakfast

Redemption for the student gathering came at the end of the meeting when one of the believers in the group was asked to close in prayer. M spoke with a quietness of spirit and somewhat shy about praying out loud in English. She began with thanks and humility for our time of fellowship. She thanked the Father for His Word to His children and reminded us how we need so desperately to study it.

Then she said, "It is our food Lord. Let us think 'no Bible no breakfast'. Let this be the first thing we do in the morning to start our day."

How convicting for those of us in the West who own many Bibles, along with various translations of the text that go unopened and unread. Here was a group who literally put their life and future at risk even owning a Bible.

"... the one who makes a meal of Me lives because of Me. This is the Bread from heaven..."

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