You Came Back!

The last performance and final day in Jinan, China the day's event was held at the Jinan Home for Disabled Children. J and D's neighbors accompanied us with their visiting daughter and granddaughters. We had lots of gifts to deliver and a colorful crowd awaiting us in the new orphanage building.

A beautiful facility, roomy with lots of light. The children were dutifully seated, but their patience soon broken by squeals, applause and excited waving as we walked into the room. "You came back" they exclaimed with such happiness. The little albino boy jumped up and ran over to give me a hug. It was marvelous.

The older children (who are deaf) had fun participating as actors in the stories - watching their teacher sign out the instructions and then really hamming it up. I asked the children what they remembered from last year and the story I told, they all held up their hands to imitate "stars twinkling in the branches".

After the show - we set up the desks to give them room to decorate their frames with stickers and markers. Only one small girl was afraid to have her picture taken with CARE EE, despite repeated coaxing from the teachers - she would have nothing of it.

We finished just in time for the children to be lead off to dinner - with hugs, waves and exclamations of "see you next year"!

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