Courtyard Chaos

After the class we were whisked away to the Middle School across town where Mrs W's son attends, We arrived just as the children were filing out into the courtyard. They were the smallest classes which of course evoked the loudest reactions. Children are children no matter what the culture. Strangers are well... strange. Screams, laughs and giggles, let us get close to you but not too close... the unfamiliar being the funniest thing.

The auditorium was filled with 250 of the excited ones and the rest of the 750 students watched on close circuit TV. Oh, they had a time. They were able to practice their English proudly "good morning, how are you, what is your name.." I used their Principle as one of the key characters in the story and they really got a laugh out of that!

Afterwards we headed back out to the courtyard where the children, now fearless, approached and handed us pieces of paper to sign, arms and hands to draw on, something as evidence they had seen a "celebrity" that day.

We left and stopped to pick up invitations for Saturday night's public program. It is a small business card with CHARLYNN printed in English and the words above "God Loves you Forever"

Yes, indeed He does!

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