Illusion Delusion

Greetings Far Westerners

I am here safe and sound on the other side of the Pacific Ocean and settling in nicely. Tomorrow is the big program at the Taian Orphanage with the delivery of the wheelchairs. Our liason (J) has gone to Taian today to make the final arrangements for the delivery at the orphanage. Deb as informed me that the plan is for a big "presentation" event ot occur. All from a lowly clown!

Last night our "Meeting" was very interesting to say the least. We spent the day casually, eating breakfast at the hotel (Chinese food of course) unpacking, organizing and getting situated. We headed out for the "CareeForte" (Chinese version of Walmart) to do a little shopping - took home KFC for lunch and had a good long nap until 4pm. We ignored phone calls and door knocks (even an entrance into our room went unnoticed).

We went and met J after his class and headed to their apartment and then dinner. J and D were still out so the meeting began without them. There were about 15 in attendance with an even mix of male/female. J tried to buy timed before D and J arrived and had the students state their name and where they were from. Easy enough. But as the turn came to S (one of their students from last year) he was reluctant to answer. "What is the purpose of your question?" His attitude seemed argumentative at best - hostile at worst. It was strange and J worked through it diplomatically. I showed the video of Sunshine after Rain Ministries "How Do We Make it Count" and then took questions afterward.

The students started off with simple questions at first "how long have you believed?' etc.. and then S spoke up 'I want to ask you a question that is not polite. Do you think your job is meaningful?" I proceeded to share an answer I had given my son "investing in the lives of others, adding value, instilling worth and meaning - yes, I believe that is meaningful."

He persisted 'you have given a simple answer and I think my question is complex. I think you are in an ILLUSION".

I had an unexplained flash of anger and irritation. I grabbed the photos of children sitting silently in my lap. I flashed them before my accusers face "this is not an illusion, these people are real. These lives are made different, these are tangible witnesses to the meaningfulness of my job."

He smirked - I was irked!!

"Illusion it is" he remarked undeterred.

J was diplomatically working to diffuse the situation about freedom to chose to believe and chose not to believe. With D's frustration equalling mine, she said - "we've spent enough time on this."

I was all for moving on.

Oddly my heart felt "heckled" by this deluded foreigner. I honestly did not know where he was coming from, how could he argue such a point? I had heard his delusion seeing love as an illusion.

Who does that?

"Our battle is not against flesh and blood but against principalities of darkness..."

Strongholds are being brought down! Tomorrow will be a BIG day - a long travel day as well as emotional and physically taxing.

YOU are the ammunition that loads the gun! Stay vigilant in this battle. Stay on alert - the fight is to the finish and eternally significant.

To the King and His Kingdom all the glory!

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