Crazed but not Crazy!

YOU MUST THINK I AM CRAZY leaving for China just two weeks after my return from Sri Lanka! For the past ten days, I have been going and going – unsure of my current time zone, trying to arrange schedules, take care of business matters AND rest.

HOW CAN I DO THIS? YOU!! My support network of saints, generously providing the financial means, and faithfully committing to pray through various time zones, dangerous treks, and asking for boldness for the Word to go forth. NOW, is the time for us to be busy about the Father’s business. I gladly hit the road/sky again and take off to the Far East (which oddly enough I have to fly west to arrive at).

I WAS SELECTING A PHOTO to add here, and I though I have thousands to choose from, I settled on one taken last year at the orphanage in Taian. It was my fourth visit in as many years and as you may imagine I have seen the children “grow up”. Four years to you and I seems to pass all to quickly. But in the life of a child – to go from 4 to 8, 10 to 14, from 14 to 18 is a time of growth, independence, and significance. Since my first visit in the year 2001, I have witnessed their changing heights and faces and experienced their joy at my coming. We are friends! There is no doubt in their hearts or minds of our care and concern for them. They know they are treasured – they mean something to someone.

THE VALUE OF SELF-WORTH cannot be calculated monetarily – The value of love will be calculated eternally.

My twenty-one year old son recently posed an interesting and provocative question as I was preparing to leave for Sri Lanka. “What if you’re wrong and when you die that’s it?” he said with a wry grin on his face. “Well, I’m not wrong, but… since you asked, even if I am wrong in my beliefs (which I am not I quickly added) then, I have spent a significant portion of my time in this life investing in the lives of others less fortunate. I have spent hours affirming the significance, value and worth of children in orphanages, the disabled, and people living in the depths of unfathomable poverty and human suffering. If this IS (though it’s not) all there is, I have invested in others and made their lives better, if only for a short while. AND, if I’m not, well – I will meet my Maker and hear His words, ‘Well, done my good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Master’.” He laughed a bit uncomfortable and said “so either way you are in a win-win situation”.

WE are in a win-win situation. By supporting this ministry you are making the investment toward YOUR future. We have the opportunity to change the world! We have been given a mandate to care for orphans. You will see from the calendar, this trip is filled with orphanage programs, divine appointments, and opportunities to share hope to this emerging world. Each year, my in-country friends have called the orphanages to find out their most pressing needs. In the winter, this usually means blankets, socks, and warm coats for the children. This year one of the orphanages requested 15 wheelchairs. After three weeks of trying to locate a source in China, the report came in today they will be shipped and ready for delivery on November 12!!

All during this time, the Good News, the Message of the Kingdom – will be preached ALL over the world, a witness staked out in every country. And then the end will come. MATT 24:14 – THE MESSAGE

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