Bob Seger and the Dust Bowl Bites!

"...I find myself seeking shelter against the wind, against the wind..."

We have our first injury on the road!

The gusting winds caught the awning, unrolled it, rolled it, unrolled, whipped it like a dessert topping and scared us half to death with the noise.

It was obvious we couldn't make it 347 miles with this instant "RV to Sailboat" conversion happening so we pulled over on the side of the West Texas highway.

Motherly instincts kick in way before 10 mile an hour winds. I watched as Alec climbed the 13 foot monster and thought of my friend who had fallen from the top of one after a camping trip. Lord help us. It was as horrible as comical; the two of us shouting over the winds, squinting to keep the dust from our eyes and trying to muster some form of engineering intelligence to figure out "what are we going to do?"

In the process of the awning taking on a "life of it's own" rolling up and down in the Texas tornado, Alec's hand got caught in the canvas.

"#*$":;/?!!!!%," he said.

"Are you hurt?" "Yes" "Are you bleeding?" "Yes"

*#?:;_+@$?!" I said.

Fortunately it's not too bad. Bandages and boy scout readiness come in handy!

Please pray for the wind to ease up! It is going to be a long hard day of driving against the wind in a vehicle trying to transmogrify into a boat.

Our early morning start will help but nothing could have prepared us for this wind! We're just past Odessa and I see why this part of the Texas plains was known as the Dust Bowl. The visibility is less than ten miles. A fog of dirt and sand is whipping around us like a cowboy at a roping contest.

We will have to stop several times to try and reroll the awning and calm the drivers around us. We just got flagged down by a concerned motorist. We tried to tell him (using hand signals) we do realize we are sailing more than driving.

Ships ahoy!
Pray for the sailors!
Arrgh (she said with a smile),

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