Vaya on Dios

"Go with God"

It is the only way to go. Overnight strong storms hit the DFW area. It helped the current severe drought situation, but has yet to quench the wildfires that are blazing across Texas. My last night with the "Road Warrior for Real Warriors" team was spent in Fort Davis. The evening news reported 70 homes have burned there. In my walk around the town, I don't remember even seeing 70 homes.

Things and circumstances can change as quickly as a spring storm coming in or a wildfire out of control. That is why it is critical to know where you stand in relationship with a Holy God. That is why I come and go and go again, to share with as many as I can the salvation knowledge in Christ.

I leave this morning for a week in Chiapas, Mexico. Please pray for safety, for luggage issues (always) for travel mercies, and continue to pray for my son Alec, pedaling across Texas against the wind!

Smiling and flying
In His service

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