Far Ahead and Far Away

Harvest Helpers

I am preparing myself to crawl under the netted protection that will keep all creeping and crawling things out of my bed - and thought more importantly I need the unseen protection of the warriors battling in the spiritual realm for what is going on here in Sri Lanka.

In fact, this is my second attempt to compose these requests so I will keep them to the minimum words & maximum need! We are staying at the same hotel as in July. It is Pleasant, 16 rooms only and good food for a cheap rate($12 including 2 meals) However, yesterday A2 discovered this hotel is used for child prostitution!

Shocked he immediately wanted to contact the authorities only to discover the hotel is owned by a government official so the police do not dare to stop the activity.

You are keeping the battleground full of soldiers and with the victory in sight.

Secure in His arms - but in Sri Lanka .... not so

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