Thursday's Child Has Far To Go

Servants in the battlefield of the Most High!

Greetings from far away and safe at the internet cafe. Our travel today was very safe and but for the first hour free of hills and rain - the other three passed quickly with our eyes focused on the DVD player.

We arrived in plenty of time for our afternoon programs and were able to have a leisurely lunch at a "jungle"campground. The veranda was built out over the river and in the trees across from us - a band of monkeys kept us entertained are in the southern region of the island - near where some of the worst tsunami disaster occurred(Hambantota) Even before the disaster - this area has the highest suicide rate on the island. Many girls marry young to get out of bad homelife situations and then commit suicide when they are abused. The lack of social education in these matters of basic human rights is staggering.

Our program was well received and we passed out books afterward to address child rights issues as well as suicide - we will have program at the government school in Hambantota (tsunami region) many children in this area died in the disaster. Pray that their hearts will be open to receive joy and love.

But most importantly thank you for committing to be the ammunition in this raging battle. The fight for the eternal life of these people is fierce.

Keep it up.

Far away still

But close in Spirit

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