Tense Tea Time


WOW - what a day your service was CRITICAL.

Today we traveled through the mountains and had the closest I ever want to come to a head on collision!! We prayed continuously and exclaimed "dear Jesus help us" too many times to count. Thank you for joining in this battlefield and for keeping us safe for now. I felt like I may have to become the modern day "Paul" relating instead of "shipwrecked" "car wrecked"!

The scenery was exquisite through the green tea covered hills (although it WAS tense)and we arrived at our destination nervous but ready. I have been to many "ends of the earth" locales and today qualified at the end of a mud road at the top of a hill a school house where over 100 children and 50 adults were gathered to hear our program.

They thoroughly enjoyed it - and we ended the show by passing out balloons and books. The village was another hour up the mountain nestled in the midst of a vast tea plantation. The workers earn $1 a day to climb up the steep slopes and pick the ready leaves from the tree. It was pouring down rain - and still the women stood among the trees diligently picking the leaves.

The school house also serves as a church on the weekend and many of the 100+ attendants were believers. We shared the gospel and after the program was finished many came forward (children and adult) for prayer. Closing - a girl came and presented us with gifts of drawings with scripture on them. Each one given by her randomly - by God specifically! Mine said "I have commanded you go and bear fruit"

God is watching! He is also listening!

Tense but having tea now

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