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Well Friends

This is goodbye from the far East fields of Sri Lanka. By the time you read this email most likely I will be making my way to the airport and back to US soil. I am currently 11 hours ahead of CST so I will technically be flying backward!

I arrive in DFW at 8:00 pm on Tuesday night.

E leaves Sri Lanka this Thursday after 4 months here. Her heart has been tenderized in many ways but... A leaves in Dec for furlough to the US - Beseech the Lord of the Harvest to send more workers to this field. Truly the time is now!

Fortunately, my car time today will be limited with roundtrip to Colombo and then to the airport. BUT I will be in the air on 4 different planes for the next 30 hours through many airports.

It has been a very long tough emotional three weeks. I will begin immediately preparing for my departure on November 9th to China (I know back across the Pacific Ocean)

We have ALL entered into enemy territory over the past three weeks - interceeding on behalf of the lost in Sri Lanka. The enemy does not take such warfare lightly.

You are soldiers of the Most High - More than conquerors!

Smiling in His service

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