Saturated Saturday

Co-laborers in the field

The Father has sent the RAIN! Our last day of school programs today put our total of children and adults ministered to over 2500! A great time here in Sri Lanka and God has opened doors and hearts.After our programs we made our way to our last hotel. A beautiful hilltop view and nice rooms - even hot water. HOWEVER, tonight as we came into the room a black line from the ceiling was noticed - which turned out to be 20000 ants!!! We have attacked them with bug spray but the hotel staff said `the light is attracting them` so we sit in the dark and pray against crawling creatures STILL.

The hot shower does count for something. Tomorrow will be the final program at the local church here. Today our school program was also held at the church. It sits at the top of a very HIGH hill with 200 steps leading to the top (read as I am feeling old and out of shape) The pastor explained his church sits between a Buddhist temple on one side and a Hindu temple on the other. It is the ONLY Christian church in the ENTIRE region! There are around 80 believers. As I was catching my breath, I reflected on the words of Christ about being a light on a hill - this place certainly is that.

A has fully recovered from his food poisoning and thanks you for all the prayers on his behalf. However, E is suffering from severe car sickness. I have remained strong (except in the hillclimbing) and oiled up.

My prayer is always to finish strong. After almost 20 days of consecutive programs every day - well - I have to pray hard to maintain my enthusiasm.

You may be tired of this prayer - but believe me it is NOW critical. Since arriving at the hotel there has been MASSIVE flashflooding in the area. What this will do to our travel through the mountains tomorrow to Sri Lanka I hate to imagine. I guess I will have to continue to fix my eyes on something other than the cliffside drop offs.

We head back to Samudra Sri orphanage tomorrow afternoon. It will be my last night here in Sri Lanka. My next sleeping arrangement will be the confines of a 737.

Thank you all for your faithfulness to go on this journey into the Harvest Fields of Sri Lanka. His WORD will not return to Him void - and HE does promise `the effectual fervent prayers of the righteous avail much`!

May you know His love and answers always.

In the Fields

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