Resting in Ratnapura

Safe arrival in Colombo AND - no worries about being "Lost" or "left behind". My associates were waiting dutifully at the airport having had second thoughts about hiding. I exchanged money and braced for the heat and humidity.

We stayed overnight at the orphanage (Samudra Sri) for convenience. Caught up on personal happenings, and had good ole American Kraft Mac and Cheese. Our goal was to leave for Ratnapura by 7:00 am.

Thankfully the DVD was working and watching the series "24" caused the hours pass quickly and distracted us through the dangerous hills and near miss accidents.

We arrived a little late in Ratnapura and the youth program was already in progress. We took our seats on the front row and - 2 hours later made our exit to find a hotel. Seems the one we were going to stay at was quite expensive - two stops and a hilltop lunch later we arrived back for the program.

I did some tricks to wake up the sleepy audience and they had fun.

Off to our former hotel (the Kalvati Resort) to rest before the Pastor of the church we will be at tomorrow arrives. Supper, hot shower, and a few geckos to kill the mosquitoes - what more could one ask?

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