Saturday Seeds

Greetings and Howdys Fellow Farmers!

Today is almost over here in Sri Lanka and Saturday's planting has been great. The Gospel has been shared (both schools this morning were in churches) AND the orphanage is run by a Christian organization so we will have the freedom to tell openly of Christ's love for the children.

The other big event for today was between E and I. She asked "how did you get started in all this" so I gave her the "revelation" and the supernatural workings of the Most High. Another seed planted. She was paying particular attention to the "pure religion undefiled is to serve widows and orphans".

I am not sure about internet - it is always a hit or miss. We will then be traveling back to Colombo on Monday night - there is a storm predicted to affect our travels.

PRAY for yourselves. You are entering into enemy territory EVEN though you are there and I am on the ground - we KNOW our battle is in the unseen realm. Pray for protection.

PRAISE the Lord of the Harvest - for HE IS watching over His Word to see it performed. HE IS faithful with ways that are not our ways.

HE IS (as they say in Africa) good ALL the time!

Faithfully connected

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