Hillsides - Hurlings - Hallelujahs

Saints of the Most High

It is Friday morning here in Sri Lanka and what a time the last two days have been! Our programs in these small mountain village schools have been wonderful. The children excited and enthusiastic - the laughter contagious.

We have seen and ministered to almost 2500 children and adults! A great time of Harvest field work blanketed in the prayers of willing soldiers.

The driving here is TREACHEROUS! Very small one lane roads up hillsides. The locals have NO FEAR they speed by and do not even slow down when passing - forcing cliffside situations every few minutes. Our van has already broken down on the side of a cliff once due to overheating.

Yesterday we arrived at our new hotel. While the view here on the hillside is breathtaking, there are some serious issues. Since it is the off season there are NO workers here at the hotel. Only two groundskeepers. Yesterday they were the ones who prepared our lunch. A, being the growing boy that he is, kept eating the RAW chicken against my advice. Needless to say in the middle of the night he woke up with food poisoning. I gave him some charcoal this morning and he is improving.

Last night E and I had a VERY serious faith conversation. At the end of our conversation I told her `people around the world are praying for you ` she chuckled and said `that`s sweet thanks`

BESEECH the Lord of the Harvest! That is what He asks us to do - that is what we must continue doing.

Until the Harvest is complete

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