Tuesday's Child

Precious Saints of the Most High

What a battle we are in!

What a victory we can claim!

Know that you are MORE than conquerors in Christ whom we serve. Today has been a restful day at the orphanage. Our program for the 60+ children here doesn't start until 4:00 so the team of A, E and myself have spent the day relaxing, making the package of presents for the children and preparing to leave at 5:00 am tomorrow morning to the central region of Kandy.

Again my appreciation can hardly be expressed for your faithfulness to cover this mission in prayer for the Harvest. I was thinking of many things that Jesus charged His disciples with was "beseech the Lord of the Harvest".

THAT command you are obediently following. Remember we are 11 hours ahead of Central Standard Time - 10 hours ahead of Eastern; 12 Mountain; 13 West Coast. SO tomorrow late afternoon we will be hitting the road - PLEASE remember to pray long and hard for our safety. The roads to Kandy are very steep and dangerous. This is where the director of AED had his own car accident to which he had to be airlifted to Colombo for!! It is not just a fearful car rider - it is a very real and present danger.

And remember to keep your own household prayed up - when we are engaging in WARFARE - the enemy takes his aim where he finds targets exposed. My prayers go back across the ocean to each of you and your families. Our Father knows - and is delighted - He has raised up an army of servants to fulfill the great commission. We are ONE - and remember the words of King David that those who waited in the camp received the same portion as those in the battlefield.

Let us reap the reward of the Harvest together!

Going forth

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