Superman and Songs Sensed Solo

"it's not easy being me.." Five for Fighting

I think perhaps since Sri - I have become too attached to "Smallville" and the emerging Clark Kent sensibilities.

I tried to make myself comfortable on the shortest leg of my very long long journey back to Sri Lanka. I put my noise reduction headphones on and let the "Five and John" file on my MP3 player begin to echo the familiar lyrics...

"I can't stand to fly, I'm not that naive. I'm just out to find the better part of me.."

The words make me smile - the familiarity of the sound...

...and for the first time since my Smallville obsession began - as I look back over the disappearing city lights of Dallas, I understand I AM out to find "the better part of me". The me who finds herself in strange and diverse places at differing times and changing seasons - bringing good news and joy and the fragrance of life!

The Smallville season opener for 2004 found a Clark who took off flying saying "I am ready to embrace my destiny." As it turned out he was inhabited by his alien father - but he got the experience of shooting through the sky at a supernatural speed. As I took off on this flight I smile - I too, inhabited by my Father's Spirit starting with surety of faith "I'm ready to embrace my destiny."

And though I am aided by the modern machinery of a 747 - it is still a mode of transport Paul could not begin to imagine or embrace!

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