Noodle House Notes


Arrived on time after 14 hours over a large expanse of ocean far below what the darkness would allow me to see. Slept not too well, not too poorly in a cramped space - narcotics ease the discomfort.

The modern airport is a bit confusing - where to go - depart - transfer - limbo

My next flight departs 5 hours from now and so .. no gate assignment yet. I follow the signs in three languages pointing the way to the two most needed "R's" - RESTROOMS - RESTAURANTS

On my way - "Ahha" Internet access. I check the mail and set to send out a new request. This will be a hit the ground running event-filled 20 days so my communiques may be limited.

With the "I" interruption concluded on to my first "R" stop (restroom).

The hand luggage carts are convenient - but for security purposes I pulled mine into the stall with me as I took a "rest" only to discover that I was TRAPPED -

What a predicament! I felt like one of those idiot movers who get a large piece of furniture halfway in halfway out! After a few seconds of panic and resolved manipulations - I was free at last!

Second "R" from where I pen these notes from the Noodle Shop. Fried, boiled, cold, beef, pork, undetermined "mixed" parts. The noodle dish I selected (beef) was more fat that meat so I discreetly had to use my napkin to hide my disappointment.

The pollution outside is heavy, masking the beauty of the boats on Hong Kong bay through a dirty haze. In the hallways pass many international travelers - I wonder what the heck they are doing on the other side of the world? CNN at every stop shows clouds over Sri Lanka - hope the weather holds out for travel..

If not there is always the guaranteed "Sunshine After Rain"

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