Warfare on Wednesday

Battlefield Companions!

Greetings in the Name of the Leader of the Heavenly Hosts.

It is still raining here in the rain forest - which comes as no suprise.

We had two programs for around 400 people. Our first stop was a small concrete schoolhouse with a tin roof (only half walls) and the rain was so loud you could not even hear yourself talk! Good thing I had some tricks that needed no interpretation. Our second school stop was a return visit to Muduwwa. And let me tell you in the rain it is MUDDY in MUDUWWA!

At the end of the program one of the older girls got up and gave a speech in English thanking us for the program last July and the inflatable globe we left behind. She said - "it has helped us with our studies here" You never know what will make an impression.

Today we will go to the village and have an evangelistic program. Many in this community are Christians. There are about 14000 people living in the area and it will be an open invitation to all.

We have another school program to a new place about one hour away. SAFETY is still a HUGE issue on the roads.

The enemy is busy with dissention - BUT we are victorious.

Keep up the battle - we are more than conquerors TOGETHER as one body!


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